You are about to step into the brave new world of power performance and productivity made possible by new Amiga. I am the Commodore Amiga Idea2X Ultimate Home Computer
So Easy to Use,With Powers and Abilities Far Beyond Anything You May Ever Experience Before.
I’m Dazzling Graphics and Animations,
A home Office Productivity Wonder.
I’m Extraordinary Home Video Production and Special Effects,
Personal Composer of Voice as Well as Music…
I am Everything You Thought is Possible and Impossible!
I am the Heart and Center of Entire Amiga Family
Father Jay Miner .:. Amiga Tech Inc .:. Creative Visionary
I’m Beautiful .:. I’m Sights and Sounds .:. I’m Productive .:. I’am Enlightening .:. I’m Fun .:. And Now You can be Everything that I am .:. Only Amiga Makes it Possible.
The Next Period is Yours .: Return Escape to Your Auhorized Amiga I2Dx500 Demon and Discovery by Yourself
Excitement .:. Beauty .:. and Power

.:. Only Amiga Makes it Possible .:.


Investing in High Attitude Multimedia Computing

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Our motto: we are the Amiga!